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 Roselle Angwin              Dr Umar Azam          Kevin Bamford        Joop Bersee            Alan Corkish            Paul F. Cowlan             Patricia Debney             Gerald England            r g gregory         Ken Head       Nancy Hubbard (media ethics & journalism)      John Irvine      Michael Lee Johnson (interviews & blog)       Khalid Khan         Emma Lee        Dave Lewis           Hugh T McCracken       Bruce McRae              Geoff Nelder           Robert W. Norris                   Patrick Osada              Sigred Philipsen               Dee Rivaz               Chrys Salt         Mario Savioni         Colin Shaddick                         Ernest Slyman                 Florentin Smarandache          Adrian Spendlow           Benjamin Stainton         Martin Stannard        Dee Sunshine         TeamLee         Frances Corkey Thompson        Lidia Vianu      Merryn Williams     


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Archipelago          The Bakehouse          Catch Fire Press          Clay Tablet Publishing         Coal City Press      Commonword          Poetry Cornwall          The Delinquent          Flarestack & Obsessed with Pipework          Free Verse          The Frogmore Press            Fuselit       The Heron's Nest - haiku        iota         Island magazine & Essence press       Jason's Sad Poems         Kaffeeklatsch       Keep Poems Alive      Leafe press          Literati magazine          Lynx         MAG          The Netherlands - Poetry International Web                   Penumbra Magazine       Object Permanence           Panda Poetry          Panic! Brixton Poetry         Pennine Platform         Poetic Hours          Poetry ID (Japanese)          Poetic Legacy          Poetry London             Poetry Pacific        Poetry Salzburg         Purdee       Ragged Raven Press          super summary poetry guide          Raunchland Publications           Real Eight         recours au poeme        Salt publishing                Savvy Click           Shadowtrain          Shearsman          Skrev Press         Snapshot - haiku              Sphinx & happenstance press          Sol          Southern Rain Poetry         Staple        The Stinging Fly           Stride          TS Eliot's Post-Modernist Complaint          Tallulah          Thylazine          Tremblestone          VOX           The Windows Project    Wasafiri international language magazine       Writer's Muse          Ygdrasil   


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AllReaders          Aspiring Authors           Author          Author's Den          Books'n Bytes          The John Clare Society     Cold Print          The Council of Literary Magazines & Presses          EPIC             Fandom          First Writer        Freelance Writing Organisation Int'l           Index on Censorship             Inkwell                    Internet Authors Network          The Kent & Sussex Poetry Society             KUDOS            Lexikon          Literature North West         Lollipop          Magic Dragon Multimedia           Midwest Book Review         New Writing Cumbia         The Poet Watch          The Poetry Kit           The Poetry Library          Poetry Magazines - at the South Bank Poetry Library          The Poetry Society          Scribe's World          UK Authors          The Walt Whitman Archive        Welsh Poetry Competitions     WriteWords        


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bibliophilia        reverie          Starry Night        The Writer's Beat      


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BBR catalogue          Escape Velocity magazine          Infinnity Plus          The Official Peterborough Science Fiction Club          The Sad Geezers' Guide to Cult Sci-Fi            Science Fiction & Fantasy author directory          


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   Children of the Drone            Chris Hardy's poems at the University of Bucharest - translations into Romanian            Robert Linn               The Little Machine       Sound Lantern (Mark Kimes)           The Majnoons - album      The Majnoons - video         John Mingay: The Buddha Unboxed                     Nunney Jazz Cafe        Responses to Landscape         The Red Hot Jazz Archive           "Songs of the Spirits and the Senses" - MP3 download         Travel guide for jazz lovers          


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Appledore Book Festival        Bhdandme (Mike Smith)       Guy Fraser-Sampson        Geoff Nelder          Dee Rimbaud         Rubine Red        Martin Stannard           Todd Swift           Sandra Tappenden         Carol Thistlethwaite       


links to visual arts

Cynthia Barlow Marrs        Chris Bent        FourFeetFilms (psychogeography)      Heart of the Beholder - film            Serhiy Kolyada - Ukrainian post-modernist               Ryan McGoverne (photography)                               MELOmag - art for sale                    Derek Piliotis - cartoons & caricatures          Private Photo Review            Michael James Roach          Shearsman Gallery         



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